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La camisa le queda (a ella) pequeña

The shirt is too small for her

The pants fit me well

Los pantalones me quedan bien

Los zapatos te quedan grandes?

Are the shoes too large for you?

These boots are small for me

Estas botas me quedan pequeñas

Le queda mal

It doesn't fit him

Las botas les quedan mal

The boots don't fit them

Adónde fuiste ayer?

Where did you go yesterday?

Fuimos a comprar juguetes

We went to buy toys (juguetes)

Tyler fue a la tienda de música

Tyler went to the music store

Drew fue a la librería

Drew went to the bookstore

Tú fuiste a la heladería

You went to the ice cream shop

They went to the food court

Ellos fueron a la plaza de comida

I combed my hair

Yo me peiné

Tú te peinaste

You combed your hair

He combed himself

él se peinó

Nosotros nos peinamos

We combed our hair

Vosotros os peinasteis

You all combed your hair

Ellos se peinaron

They combed their hair

qué talla usa?

What clothing size do you wear?

me levanté

I got up

te levantaste

You got up

Ella se levantó

she got up

Ellos se levantaron

they got up

me bañé

I took a bath

te bañaste

You took a bath

me desperté

I woke up

te despertaste

You woke up

él se despertó

he woke up

ustedes se despertaron

You all woke up

me maquillé

I put on makeup

me afeité

I shaved

te afeitaste

You shaved

te secaste

You dried yourself

ellos se secaron

They dried themselves

es de algodón

it is cotton

es de lana

it is wool

es de seda

it is silk

es para hombres

for men

es para mujeres

for women

es para niños

for children





these socks

estos calcetines

that shirt

esa camisa

those stores

esas tiendas

this card

esta tarjeta

these boots

estas botas

that coat

ese abrigo

these blazers

estos sacos

those books

esos libros

that size

esa talla

My sister is prettier than your sister

Mi hermana es más bonita que tu hermana

My grandpa is taller than your grandpa

Mi abuelo es más alto que tu abuelo

My cousins as strong as your cousins

Mis primos son tan fuertes como tus primos

My brothers are more popular than your brothers

Mis hermanos son más populares que tus hermanos



Do it!




Be careful!

Ten cuidado!

Put them on the table!

Ponlos en la mesa!

Don't run

No corras!

Don't eat it!

No lo comas!

Don't do it!

No lo hagas!

Don't leave!

No salgas!



Don't speak!

No hables!

Tell me the truth!

Dime la verdad!

Yo soy más fuerte que tú

I am stronger than you

ella es más bonita que ella

She is prettier than she (we say her, but that is actually not correct)

Yo (ar verb past tense)


Tú (ar verb past tense)


Yo (ar verb present tense)


Tú (ar verb present tense)


él (ar verb past tense)


él (ar verb present tense)


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