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any atom or group of atoms with a positive charge

molecular formula

shows the number and kinds of atoms present in the molecule of a compound

law of definite proportions

in any sample of the same chemical compound, the elements are always combined in the same proportion by mass.

ternary compound

a compound composed of three different elements

formula unit

the lowest whole-number ratio of ions in a compound

ionic compounds

compounds composed of of metal cations and nonmetal anions

law of multiple proportion

when two elements combine to form more than one compound, the different masses of one element that combine with the same mass of the other element are in the ratio of small whole numbers

polyatomic ion

tightly bound groups of atoms that behave as a unit and carry a charge

chemical formula

shows the kinds and numbers of atoms in the smallest representative unit of the substance

binary compound

a compound composed of two different elements


an electrically neutral group of atoms that act as a unit


atoms or groups of atoms that have a positive or negative charge

the correct name for the N3- ion

nitride ion

Elements of group 4A

do not commonly form ions


ionic charge on the chronium ion in the ionic compound Cr2O3

Formula for Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate


compounds composed of ions

are generally crystalline solies at room temperature

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