This Journal Belongs to Ratchet


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Who is the author?
Nancy J Cavanaugh
What did Ratchet hate writing on?
Long yellow legal pads
Where did Ratchet's dad purchase most of Ratchet's things?
The Goodwill
What is Ratchet's real name?
Who gave her the name Ratchet?
her dad
Why does her dad call her Ratchet?
because she reminds him of a ratchet by the way that she helps him out
What is Ratchet's most important thing?
a silver chain with a blue stone
Where did she get necklace?
It belonged to her mother
Where is Ratchet's mother?
she died
How did Ratchet's mother die?
In a car accident
How old was Ratchet when her mother died?
What is Ratchet's favorite color?
What class did Ratchet want to take at the rec center?
charm class
How old was she when she changed her first flat tire?
What does Ratchet's dad do for a living?
fix cars
What does Ratchet's dad wear to every city council meeting?
a tee shirt
Why does Ratchet and her dad mover around so much?
to fix up run down homes
What is Ratchet's dad nickname?
RD-Raccoon dog
Who is Ratchet's most important person?
her dad
What is the name of the fashion magazine Ratchet reads?
"Stylin It"
Who teaches the "Get Charmed" class at the rec center?
Ms. Charlize
Who does Ratchet and her dad not like?
Edward J Johnson
Who are the two boys that bully Ratchet?
Hunter and Evan
Why was Ratchet's dad get arrested?
for stealing the tractor keys
What is the name of the park that Ratchet's dad is trying to protect?
Moss Tree Park
What is the nickname of Edward J Johnson?
Pretty Boy Eddie
What is Ratchet's most embarrassing moment?
When her dad got arrested
What class is her dad required to teach for his punishment?
Build your own go-kart class at the rec center
What was the interview question Ratchet asked dad?
Did her mom like cars?
What kind of car did Ratchet's dad drive?
a rabbit
What did the Ratchet's dad car use for fuel?
recycled vegetable oil
What did Ratchet's dad car smell like?
fried chicken
What did Hunter's mom smell like?
lilac perfume
Why did Ratchet say that boys were jerks?
because the boys put oil on the door knobs of the rec center and got her dad into trouble
What did Ratchet do to help Evan?
fix his bike
What was the character in Ratchet's fable?
a raccoon
Where did Ratchet find the mystery box?
under the sink in the laundry room
What id Ratchet's dad do when she asked him about the mystery box?
Nothing, he left
Why did Ratchet stop talking to her dad?
because he moved the mystery box and she couldn't find it
What did Ratchet make for diner to ask her dad to help the boys build go-karts?
sloppy joes
Why did Ratchet break the silent treatment with her dad?
To ask him to help the boys build their go-karts engines(p.107)
Who poured chocolate sauce on Ratchet's head?
her dad
What does Ratchet dad make her read every morning?
the newspaper