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  1. Catherine of Aragon
  2. Elizabeth I
  3. John Hawkins
  4. Act of Supremacy
  5. Duke of Alba
  1. a hated man by the Netherlands; chosen by Philip II to suppress the revolt in the Netherlands
  2. b one of the most famous Elizabethan Sea Dogs; deeply involved in slave trade and transported people from West Africa to the New World; eventually overshadowed by his partner Francis Drake, though he was highly successful too
  3. c first wife of Henry VIII
  4. d Declared the king (Henry VIII) the supreme head of the Church of England in 1534.
  5. e ruled from 1558-1603; followed a policy that was a middle course between Catholic and Protestant extremes. She sets up a national Church, is declared head of the Anglican Church, establishes a state Church that moderates Catholics and Protestants, allowed priests to marry, allowed sermons to be delivered in English, and made the Book of Common Prayer more acceptable to Catholics.

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  1. peace agreement begun in 1552 and confirmed in writing in 1555 that the princes and free cities of Germany could choose to remain Catholic or become Lutheran. The townspeople were given no choice but to follow the orders of those in power in each area. This led to religious divisions in Germany.
  2. Dutch painter, who painted portraits of wealthy middle-class merchants and used sharp contrasts of light and shadow to draw attention to his focus
  3. Lutheran belief that faith is the way to salvation
  4. late 15th early 16th century, he was a priest in Latin American and he realized that he was one of the oppressors of the indigenous people and spent the rest of his life trying to end slavery and he believed people had rights whether they were Christian or not because they were human. He passed anti-slavery laws but they were not enforced.
  5. abstaining from sexual relations (as because of religious vows), an unmarried status

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  1. Defenestration of Praguefirst wife of Henry VIII


  2. Catholic Leagueformed by the Guise; dominated the eastern half othe country for several years; 1584, allied with Spain's Philip II to attack hersey in France and deny the Bourbon Henry's legal right to inherit the throne


  3. Michael Servetusa Spaniard who was among the chief thinkers for the Anti-Trinitarians. He was executed in 1553 in Geneva for "blasphemies against the Holy Trinity." This thinker was among the strongest opponents of Calvinism, especially its belief in original sin and predestination and has a deserved reputation of defending religious tolerance.


  4. Cardinal GranvelleQueen Elizabeth I was plotted to be assinated by her cousin Mary Queen of Scots and has her beheaded for it


  5. Transubstantiationthe doctrine that God has decided all things beforehand, including which people will be eternally saved