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  1. Six Articles
  2. Protestant Marriage
  3. Politique
  4. Marbury Colloquy
  5. Philip II
  1. a supported marriage and Luther and Zwingli even married themselves, along with most other protestant reformers
  2. b king of Spain and Portugal and husband of Mary I
  3. c Big debate held by Luther.
    Ulrich Zwingli - Swiss, one of the first Protestant teachers. Believed that the bread and wine was figurative.
    Luther - bread and wine is Jesus
    Catholic church - priest necessary for the miracle.
    Luther taught that Ulrich was in error.
  4. d the seven sacraments were upheld, Catholic theology was maintained against the tenets of both Lutheranism and Calvinism, and the authority of the monarch replaced the authority of the Pope.
  5. e A ruler who suppresses his or her religious designs for his or her kingdom in favor of political expediency. Examples: Elizabeth I (England), Henry IV (France).

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  1. made famous attempt to reconcile Aristotle with the doctrines of Christianity; best know for Summa Theologica
  2. English explorer and admiral who was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe and who helped to defeat the Spanish Armada (1540-1596)
  3. (1491-1556) Spanish churchman and founder of the Jesuits (1534); this order of Roman Catholic priests proved an effective force for reviving Catholicism during the Catholic Reformation.
  4. For 30 years battles between the Catholics and the Huguenots raged in France. It wasn't until 1598 when the king issued the Edict of Nantes that the wars ended.
  5. Dutch painter, who painted portraits of wealthy middle-class merchants and used sharp contrasts of light and shadow to draw attention to his focus

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  1. Philippe du Plessis MornayHuguenot leader after St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre


  2. Schmalkaldic Leagueprotestant alliance formed by Lutherans against the Holy Roman Empire


  3. Ulrich Zwinglison of Henry II of France and the last Valois to be king of France (1551-1589)


  4. 95 Theseswritten by Martin Luther and is widely regarded as the primary catalyst for the Protestant Reformation. It is vitally important to understand that these theses were used for the intent of displaying Luther's displeasure with the Church's indulgences


  5. John TetzelDominican Friar who was famous for selling indulgences