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  1. Buddha
  2. Right Concentration
  3. Ascetic
  4. karma
  5. Xion Shun
  1. a a title that means the awakened one
  2. b one who deprives him/herself of food, water, necessities for life
  3. c meditation; cultivate a mind that is one-pointed; maintain evenness; active (present moment) vs. selective (one object)
  4. d Filial Piety/Filial Devotion
    Love and respect for parents, grandparents, and dead ancestors
  5. e something good-cause and effect

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  1. knowledge; education; understanding
  2. Righteousness or Justice. The state of doing good. Consists of Zhong and Shu as well
  3. there exists a state where there is no suffering
  4. Ritual practice; Combined with local beliefs; Ritual brings enlightenment
  5. the state of supreme peace; enlightenment

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  1. Zhongknowledge; education; understanding


  2. Right DiligencePrevent unwholesome seeds from arise; Nourish wholesome seeds; Middle Way (moderation); Abandon unwholesome seeds that have already arisen


  3. The Noble 8 Fold Paththere exists a state where there is no suffering


  4. first noble truththere exists a state where there is no suffering


  5. Hedonistpleasure seeker