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  1. nirvana
  2. Hedonist
  3. Right Thinking
  4. Ti
  5. Right Mindfulness
  1. a 1. Am I sure? 2. What am I doing? 3. Mind of Love
    committing to follow the path to enlightenment and freeing oneself from desires to do wrong
  2. b Righteousness or Justice. The state of doing good. Consists of Zhong and Shu as well
  3. c Live in the present moment; Accept everything without judging or reacting; Sustain appropriate attention throughout the day
  4. d pleasure seeker
  5. e the state of supreme peace; enlightenment

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  1. "The Ancient Teaching" Goal: The awakening of self; Not 'concerned' for other beings
  2. the path itself that leads to the state of being where suffering doesn't affect you
  3. Messianic; Amitaba; Rebirth in paradise; Popular in west
  4. Prevent unwholesome seeds from arise; Nourish wholesome seeds; Middle Way (moderation); Abandon unwholesome seeds that have already arisen
  5. Central Law of Life-"Truth"

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  1. Right Viewpractice of touching love and preventing harm; complete non-violence towards ourselves and others.
    live ethically, not stealing and not killing


  2. The Noble 8 Fold Pathis the Noble Truth


  3. Asceticone who deprives him/herself of food, water, necessities for life


  4. Right Actionsee dharma and recognize it


  5. karmasomething good-cause and effect