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French geography

What of the area of France in km & mi
551,000 km; 213,00 miles
What is the population of France?
55 million people
What bodies of water are to the north of France? (F)
la manche et la mer du nord
What is la manche?
the english channel
What body of water is west of France?
l'océan Atlantique
What body of water is south of France?
la mer Méditerranée
What 2 countries are to the north east of France?
la Belgique et le Luxembourg
What country is south of France
What country is to the west of France?
la Suisse
What is the highest summit in Europe?
le mont Blanc
In what mountian range is la mont Blanc located?
Les Alps
What countries do the French Alps border?
L'Italie et la Suisse
What mountain range form a natural barrier with l'Espagne?
Les Pyrénées
what mountain range do Le Jura extend into?
Les Alpes
Where is le Jura located?
down du Rhin into the Alpes
What separates France from Switzerland?
Le Jura
What province are Les Vosges found?
Near what country are Les Vosges located?
What is Le Massif Central also know as?
Le Plateau Central
In what part of France are Le Massif Central located?
the middle
What are Les Cévennes?
un partie du Massif Central
What river flows thorugh Paris?
La Seine
What is the most navigable and used river in France?
La Seine
What is the longest river in France?
La Loire
What is the source of La Loire?
le Massif Central
Where does the Garonne river originate from?
Les Pyrénées
Into what ocean does La Garonne flow?
what is the arm of the ocean that la garonne meets?
La Gironde
Between what two mountain ranges is Le Rhône located?
Le Massif Central et Les Alpes
Where does Le Rhône flow into la Saône?
What mountain ranges are close to la Saône?
Le Jura et Les Vosges
What river seperates France from Allemagne?
Le Rhin