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Timeline Terms: Fall of Rome to the Renaissance.

all the terms on the timeline we went over in class.
Byzantine Emperor in the 6th. century
Justinian Code
Legal code that was the foundation for Byzantine law for almost 900 years.
Plague of Justinian
Outbreak of Bubonic Plague in Byzantium in 6th century
Hagia Sofia
Church built in 6th century in the city of Constantinople
Nun and sister of St. Benedict
German Christianized
Process in which polytheist Germanic peoples converted to Christianity
Charles the Hammer
Charles Martel; a french mayor who was a hero to Christians in Europe.
Frankish King who expands empire and take the title of Emperor.
Invasions of Europe
Magyars, Muslims, and Vikings invaded Europe during the Middle Ages.
Treaty of Verdun
Document which split Charlemagne's Empire into three pieces.
Christianity Splits
Disputes over doctrine lead to two churches: Catholic in the west and Orthodox in the East.
Malik Shah
considered the greatest Seljuk (or Turkish) sultan
Pope Urban II
Christian leader who called upon Europe to retake Holy Lands.
Notre Dame
Gothic Cathedral built in Paris during the 12th & 13th centuries
The Crusades
A series of military campaigns to retake the Holy Lands from Muslim control.
Holy Roman Empire
the strongest political state in Europe from 936 to 1100.
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Married both a french and English king. Mother of Richard I.
Richard I
English King known as the 'Lion-Hearted' for his bravery during the Third Crusade.
Muslim leader who retook Jerusalem from European forces.
Henry II
Father of Richard II and a king of England.
Genghis Khan
Mongolian general who conquered massive territories in Asia.
Magna Carta
'Great Charter' set legal limits to the King of England's power.
Thomas Aquinas
Christian scholar who lived in the 13th century.
The Black Death
Outbreak of Bubonic Plague in Europe
Hundred Years War
Conflict between England and France during the 14th & 15th century
Joan of Arc
Teenage girl who helped defeat English forces.
When Spanish forces drove Muslims from Spain
Ivan III
First Czar of Russia; he wanted to create a new Roman Empire