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Mid Term Exam

to the store

He went to the store.

after dinner

After dinner, I will go out.

when it rains

When it rains, it pours.

around the corner

Around the corner is my house.

at 10 tonight

At 10 tonight, we will see fireworks.

through the window

Through the window, I see my dog.

across the street

My friend lives across the street.

to the party

Will you come to the party?

according to my mother

According to my mother, it is going to rain.

throughout the world

Caye Caulker is known throughout the world.

in this classroom

We have so much fun in this classroom.

near the phone

Are you near the phone?

of my friends

One of my friends is calling.

between the bed and the wall

She fell between the bed and the wall.

before I go out

I will bathe before I go out.

by the split

It is windy by the split.

of my sisters

All of my sisters are taller than I.

of you

Which one of you is my partner?

to the end (and) of the quiz

We are almost to the end of the quiz.

like a monkey

She sounds like a monkey

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