Wordly Wise Book 5 Lesson 10

15 terms by xtremematt911

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adj. 1. Most miserable; wretched.


v. To plead in favor of; to defend.
n. One who argues for or defends a person, group, or idea.


n. An act of great cruelty and wickedness.
1. Very brutal, wicked, or cruel.
2. Appallingly bad; outrageous.


v. To serve as a memorial to; to remember in a solemn manner.


n. A form of a language spoken in a certain geographical region that has its own grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.


adj. Having terrible consequences; urgent or desperate.


n. A group that enjoys superior status to others
adj. Considered superior to others.


v. To make greater or better.


adj. Clearly offensive or bad; conspicuously acting against what is right.


v. To lose hope, strength, or vitality because of neglect or bad conditions.


v. To soften or tone down the sound of.
adj. Not speaking or not able to speak; silent.


v. To level to the ground; to destroy completely.


n. A retaliation for an injury.


n. A state of confusion or agitation; tumult


v. 1. To bring about or inflict.
2. To express or vent.

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