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Ch 5 Vocabulary: Atoms and Bonding

valence electrons
the electrons that are in the outermost (highest) energy level and are held the most losely
electron dot diagram
shows the number of valence (outermost) electrons in an atom; consists of a chemical symbol surrounded by dots
chemical bond
force of attraction that holds two atoms together as a result of the rearrangement of electrons between them
an atom or group of atoms that has/have a charge
polyatomic ions
a charged group of atoms that act as a single unit
ionic bond
the attraction between two oppositely charged ions
ionic compound
a compound that consists of positive and negative ions held together by their attraction for one another
chemical formula
a combination of symbols that that shows the ratio of elements in a compound
a number written behind a chemical symbol that tells you the ratio of elements in a compound
an orderly, three dimensional arrangement of ions
covalent bond
the chemical bond formed when two atoms share electrons
a neutral group of atoms joined by covalent bonds
double bond
two atoms sharing two pairs of electrons
triple bond
two atoms sharing three pairs of electrons
molecular compound
a compound that is made up of atoms held together by covalent bonds
polar bond
a covalent bond in which two electrons are shared unequally
nonpolar bond
a covalent bond in which two electrons are shared equally
a mixture of two or more elements that has the properties of a metal; one of the combined elements MUST be a metal
metallic bond
the attraction between a positive metal ion and the electrons surrounding it