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thoroughly cooking beef, pork, or fish will destroy helminth larvae and prevent infection

beer and wine

which of the following is most like to contain sulfites: canned vegetables; milk and yogurt; beer and wine; ground beef


some researchers consider food allergies a form of food-borne illness

skin and bone appearance

which of the following is associated with marasmus: distended abdomen; skin and bone appearance; enlarged fatty liver; all of these


the primary symptom of Giardia infection is: jaundice, diarrhea, dementia, anemia


body mass index is the most accurate method of determining body composition


georges dinner contains 750 kcal. how many kcal will he expend in order to process this meal: 7-10; 25-50; 38-75; 113-150


what percentage of women have bulimia nervosa: 1-4%; 5-7%; 7-12%; 15-20%

waist circumference

which of the following assessment techniques can bd used to evaluate an individual's fat distribution pattern? BMI; underwater weighing; BIA; waist circumference

it does not take body composition into account

a limitation in using the body mass index is: it is very difficult to determine; it doesn't take body composition into account; it is not a good indicator of health risks; it is not accurate if used on women


well planned vegetarian diets are contraindicated during pregnancy


the growth spurt starts earlier in boys than girls


lower-body obesity does not appear to increase one's risk for chronic disease


underwater weighing is a very practical method for determining body composition in obese individuals


about __% of our total energy output is attributable to basla metabolism: 20-35%; 35-55%; 60-70%; 75-80%


in its natural form, ephedrine is a safe and effective treatment for obesity

13 yr old boy

who would have the greatest percent of body weight as fluid?


water that comes from lakes, rivers and reservoirs is called ____ water

increased concentration of sodium ions in the blood

what stimulates the thirst mechanism


which of the following hormones requires selenium for its synthesis? estrogen, insulin, cortisol, thyroid


chromium assists in _____ uptake


oxalates can inhibit the absoption of: vitamin E, thiamin, calcium, protein


cortical bone has a faster turnover than trabecular bone

decreases the action of insulin

which of the following is NOT one of the physiological effects of regular physical activity

engage in general activity everyday

which of the following can be found at the base of the physical activity everyday

heart rate/ pulse

which of the following is traditionally used to evaluate the level of intensity of aerobic activity

pyruvic acid

primary end product of glycolysis:


anaerobic metabolism of glucose fuels the muscles during short term exercise


lower body obesity does not appeart to increase one's risk for chronic disease

the cell will become dehydrated

which would result from the concentration of electrolytes outside a cell is higher that the intracellular environment

60-84 lb

mary weighs 120 lb. how much is water?

increase blood volume

waht explains the cause of sports anemia


how much fat is recommended during childhood

a male distance swimmer

who is least likely to develop iron deficiency anemia


food infections result from consuming foods in whidch microbes have secreted poisonous toxinx

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