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Knowledge, beliefs, art, values, and customs in a society.


Items that past people have either created of have used.


Small groups of people who migrated in search of food sources.


People who both hunted and gathered various food sources.

Neolithic Revolution

A time whenever the early people began to grow their own food rather that gathering their food.


Making plants or animals more useful by breeding or growing them in a selective process.


More than enough of something.

division of labor

When each person devotes their work to one job or task.

traditional economy

When people use thier society's customs, rituals, and traditions to make their economic decisions.


A society that is both organized and complex.


A group of people that were great craftspeople. Things they specilized in were pottery, metalwork, basketry, and carpentry.

cultural diffusion

This happens when a culture shares its ideas, customs, beliefs, and technology with another culture.

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