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Meat protein is highly digestible. Corn, wheat and other plant types aren't always good sources of protein because they can't always be digested properly. Pre-digested (hoe it was produced) products can be given to cats. Egg, chicken/fish, chicken by-product meal, meat, meat and bone meal, soy, corn. Eggs are the best thing to digest.Has a biological value of 100%. Beef is only 78%.
May also be called "Biological Value" = amount that can be absorbed.
Protein digestibility - good food from 80-90%; low quality foods less than 75%.
A protein with a very low biological value is almost entirely excreted by the body as waste after ingestion. To evaluate the protein levels of different dog foods, two factors should be considered. One is the level of protein and the other is the protein digestibility, or availability of the protein to a dog, which can be determined only by controlled feeding studies.
Animals can have increased protein requirements:
- during growth
- during tissue repair or convalescence
- during pregnancy and lactation
- as working dogs
Protein helps with palatability and flavour. Excess amino acids are stored as fat or glycogen. True protein quality can only be determined by long term use and a dog doing well on that source of protein in its food. A requirement is the food needs to be highly digestible. Different life stages require different amounts of protein. The body can't handle too much protein - so excess protein may be changed into glucose or fat and stored. There are different protein sources put into pet foods - plant or meat. Combinations of different sources can provide all essential amino acids.