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This is intended as a review activity for a class on education law.

EC intervention

resulted as a natural progression from special education for individuals with disabilities

Increasing interest

Current political platforms place an ____ on EC education.

1912 - The Children's Bureau

1st recognition that the federal goverment has a responsiblity to promote the welfare of U.S. children.

1964 - The Economic Opportunity Act PL 88-452

The establishment of the Head Start program for children living in poverty.

1965 - Elementary and Secondary Education Act PL 89-10

Law attempted to correct educational inequalities

1968 - Handicapped Children's Early Education Act PL 90-538

Provided support for model demonstration, training, and dissemination projects in EC education.

1970 - EHA Part B 91-230

Established a grant program for LEA's to provide services to children with disabilities (sought to eliminate inequalities).

1971 PARC v. Pennsylvania Commonwealth

Argued the State of Pennsylvania was violating State statutes and the 14th Amendment.

1972 - Mills v. BOE of District of Columbia

Case declaring students with disabilities must be given a public education. Set precedent tha services must be based on need, not the school's fiscal capabilities.

1972 - Economic Opportunity Act PL 92-424

Mandated Head Start inclusion (10%) of students with disabilities.

1975 - Education fo All Handicapped Children Act PL 94-142

First law to require FAPE be provided to all children. Established the IEP.

1982 BOE v. Rowley

Court ruled that individualized decisions must be made based on the identified needs of each child.

1986 - Education of the Handicapped Act Amendments PL 99-457

Extended the mandate for SPED services to infants and toddlers.

1990 - IDEA PL 101-476

Reauthozied PL 94-142. Changed legal references across the board from handicap to disability.

1993 Roncker v. Walter

Addressed the issue of portability - bringing services to the child.

1997- Reauthorization of IDEA

With the reauthorization, Part H was changed and renamed Part C: Program for Infant and Toddlers with Disabilities

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