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  1. Prophase II
  2. What is the probability of a penny coming up heads when flipped?
  3. How many alleles per trait would there be in a gamete in a pea plant?
  4. Why did Thomas Hunt Morgan use fruit flies for his model organism?
  5. A version of gene is the same thing as an what?
  1. a Allele
  2. b 50%
  3. c There is only one allele per trait.
  4. d They produce hundreds of offspring.
  5. e meiosis I results in two haploid daugther cells, each with half the number of chromosomes as the original cell

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  1. An individual's unique characteristics are determined by factors that are passed from parent to offspring.
  2. 50% tall and short; TT, Tt, tt; Pea plant height may be either tall or short.
  3. physical characteristics of an organism
  4. A phenotype is a physical characteristic of an organism and a genotype is the genetic makeup of an organism.
  5. N

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  1. If an offspring is homozygous recessive, what do you know about the parents?23


  2. Independent assortmentOne of Mendel's principles that states that genes for different traits can segregate independently during the formation of gametes


  3. Telophase II and CytokinesisNuclear membranes form. The cell separates into two cells.


  4. Principle of Segregationstates that the pair of alleles for each parent seperate and only one allele passes from each parent to an offspring


  5. What is the reason for codominance?The phenotypes for both alleles are equally expressed in the offspring.