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  1. How can two alleles from different genes be inherited together?
  2. Multiple alleles
  3. How many sets of genes are found in most adult organisms?
  4. Heterozygous
  5. Meiosis
  1. a process by which the number of chromosomes per cell is cut in half through the separation of homologous chromosomes in a diploid cell
  2. b a gene that has more than two alleles
  3. c Alleles of different genes tend to be inherited together when those genes are on the same chromosome.
  4. d The diploid cells of most adult organisms contain two complete sets of inherited chromosomes and so two complete sets of genes.
  5. e having two different alleles for a trait

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  1. N
  2. states that genes for different traits can segregate independently during the formation of gametes
  3. Allele
  4. Punnett squares use probability to predict the combinations of alleles in a genetic cross.
  5. a fertilized egg

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  1. CodominanceSituation in which the phenotypes produced by both alleles are completely expressed


  2. How is a phenotype different from a genotype?Mitosis can be a form of asexual reproduction, does not change the number of chromosomes, and makes two identical diploid cells. Meiosis is a step in sexual reproduction, cuts chromosomes in half, and makes four different haploid cells.


  3. Homozygoushaving two identical alleles for a trait


  4. Homologousterm used to refer to chromosomes in which one set comes from the male parent and one set comes from the female parent


  5. What is meant by a polygenic trait?The trait is visible whenever a dominant allele is present in the genotype such as TT or Tt(both tall)