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History Flashcards ch. 7: Times of Plenty, Times of Hardship

Detroit, Michigan

Ford's first factory with an assembly line

Los Angeles, California

where most movies were being made

Examples of 1900's inventions

Automobiles, radio, movies


Good times


severe economic hardship

Model T nickname

tin lizzie

Year Model T was invented


Ford could sell his Model T's for a low price because of the ________ ____.

assembly line

time it took ford workers to build a car

1 and 1/2 hrs.

price Ford sold his cars

under 500$ each

why did people make fun of the Model T?

Because it came in one color (black)

Mass production

the making of goods exactly alike

Gulielmo Marconi

Sent first radio message across the Atlantic Ocean

David Scarnoff

One of Marconi's employees that suggested he sell the radios

Frank Conrad

made commercial radio possible


First professional radio station


Radio Corporation of America

Soap operas

Commercials often paid by soap companies that often featured romantic dramas

Mass Media

Public forms of communication that reach large audiences


a complete ban of alcohol

18th Amendment

started Prohibition


criminals who brought alcohol made in another country to the US


illegal places were people drank alcohol

Twenty-first Amendment

ended Prohibition


a music style influenced by african americans

New Orleans Louisiana

were jazz began


some one who writes music

Duke Ellington

one of the most famous jazz composers and band leaders of all time.

Louis Armstrong

Jazz musician who sang, played, and wrote many kinds of jazz

Bessie Smith

singer in the recording of "St. Louis Blues"

F. Scott Fitzgerald

writer who named the decade the jazz age

Harlem, New York

where many african american artists moved to and used their talents to express their feelings about life.

Harlem Renaissance

when african americans moved to Harlem New york

Langston Hughes

writer who wrote books, poems, and plays about african american life.

Zora Neale Hurston

wrote about african american women's life

Jacob Lawrence

created pictures that showed african american life and history

Charles Lindbergh

first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone

Amelia Earhart

first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and first woman to do so alone.

Georgia O'Keefe

Painter famous for her colorful scenes of nature

Herbert Hoover

President who most people at the time blamed for the great depression


the condition of being out of work

Stock market

a place where stocks are bought and sold

New York, New York

were the center of stock exchange is

The Great Depression

the stock market crash in 1929


barrowed money

Franklin D. Roosevelt

president who helped the US get out of the great depression

New Deal

the act of getting out of the great depresion

Social Security

a program that is still active today


long period without rain

Dust bowl

nickname for the great plains

Dodge City, Kansas

where Harley Holladay was when a dust storm hit

migrant workers

farmers who move from place to place to harvest crops

Eleanor Roosevelt

the First Lady who went around the countryseeing if the new deal programs were improving conditions

Dorthea Lange

took pictures of people standing in breadlines and families in the dust Bowl

John Steinbeck

wrote about the hardships faced by migrant workers

Queens, New York

where the 1939 worlds fair took place


a rapid rise in prices

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