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  1. harangue
  2. plaintiff
  3. actuate
  4. subterfuge
  5. quarry
  1. a (n) one who begins a lawsuit, accuser
  2. b (v) to cut or take from; (n) a place stone is taken from or prey
  3. c (v) to deliver a loud, ranting speech; (n) a loud speech
  4. d (v) to move to action; to impel
  5. e (n) an excuse or trick for escaping or hiding something

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  1. (v) to examine or investigate; (n) an investigation or device used to examine
  2. (v) to lower in esteem, humiliate
  3. (adj) rude, unrefined, clumsy
  4. (adj) not feeling remorse or sorrow for errors or offenses
  5. (v) to turn aside, turn away, to prevent

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  1. liberality(n) generosity


  2. protract(v) to draw out or lengthen in space or time; extend


  3. legion(v) to refuse with scorn, reject, turn down


  4. dubious(adj) causing suspicion, in a doubtful state of mind, undecided


  5. spurn(n) the main impact, force, or blow