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Buenos Aries

Which city is the capital of Argentina?


What is the official currency of Argentina?


What type of goverment does Argentina have?

El tango

What type of dance and music was invented in Argentina?

Argentine cowboys

Who are gauchos?


The best time of year to go skiing in Bariloche is?


The straw used to drink mate is called

assorted appetizers

Las picadas are famous for serving

la pampa

The gauchos work in ________

Warm, Summer time

What is the weather like in December in Argentina?


When is the skiing season in Bariloche?

National Snow Party

Can you name a famous August celebration in Bariloche?


What kind of food would you have at a parrillada

Spain and Italy

Which countries greatly influenced Argentine cooking?

Through a straw called bombilla

How would you drink the herb tea known as mate?


(T of F) The Argentine city of Bariloche is known as the "Switzerland of the Andes"?


(T or F) The Tango festival celebrates gaucho traditions


(T or F) During the summer, southern Argentina has days with 20 hours of sunlight?


(T or F) Argentine architecture has been greatly influenced by the Greek style.


(T or F) The Iguazu waterfalls are on the international border between Argentina and Brazil.

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