Mixtures and Solutions Test, Science, 5th grade

59 terms by bethluvchairman

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A chemical reaction happens ______ occurs.


What are the building blocks of matter?



Two or more substances that are combined.

Solution is when a solid dissolves in a liquid and the liquid is


Universal Solvent


Example of solution

salt water


The substance dissolved in a solvent.

Chemical formula

symbols and numbers to describe the kinds and numbers of atoms in a molecule.


A process in which one material disperses uniformly into anothermaterial, so that the first material seems to disappear.


the smallest particle of an element.

chemical bond

the attachment between two atoms in a molecule

chemical reaction

the process in which two or more substances combine to make one or more new substances that have different properties than the original ones


the relative amount of a substance in a mixture


a substance made up of two or more elements that are chemically combined


the solid form of a material that can be identified by its natural shape or pattern


the process of a material becoming incorporated uniformly into another, or of two materials mixing together evenly


a sample of matter composed of only ONE kind of atom


to turn into gas, like water into water vapor


a substance containing two or more materials with different properties


two or more atoms combined

periodic table

an arrangement of the elements that provides information about their properties


a solid material that forms during a chemical reaction


a new substance created in a chemical reaction


The starting substances in a chemical reaction

saturated solution

a solution in which as much solute as possible has been dissolved


how well a solid will dissolve.


a substance that dissolves in a solvent to form a solution


a special mixture formed when one or more materials dissolves in another


a liquid that dissolves a solute to form a solution

Examples of chemical reactions are

change in temperature, gas forms, or a precipitate forms.

How do you know that a solution has become saturated?

You will see solid material at the bottom of the container.

The greater the solubility of a substance...

the more it dissolves

The lower the solubility of a substance...

the less it dissolves

How do you know Epsom salt is more soluble than table salt?

Much more of it dissolves in the same amount of water.

Atoms are never...

destroyed or created.

Atoms just...


All atoms in the reactants are...

used to make products

No atoms are left behind and no atoms...

come from another place

The number of atoms on the reactant side is...

exactly the same as the ones on the product side

In a formula, the reactant side is on the...


In a formula, the product side is on the...


The arrows means...


C + O² =


2 H² + O² =


HCl + NaHCO³ =

NaCl + CO² + H²O

O², N², C, Al, and Cu are all examples of


H²O, CO², and NaCl are all examples of


C has ___ atom/s


O² has ___ atom/s


NaCl has ___ atom/s

two, one of each

H²O has ___ atom/s


2H²O has ___ atom/s


2NaCl has ___ atom/s


How si the Periodic Table ordered?

from the smallest to the largest atom

What is the smallest atom?


Where do you start reading the Periodic Table?

At the top left

You read the periodic table like a...

book (to the left, and then down to the next row)

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