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12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit

chastity, faithfulness, generosity, gentleness, goodness, joy, kindness, love, modesty, patience, peace, self-control,


the integration of your physical sexuality with your spiritual nature. All people follow this, married and single.


is deep and constant gladness in the Lord that circumstances cannot destroy. It comes from a good relationship with God and others - a relationship of genuine love.


A disciple faithful to God's will is serene, not overly anxious or upset. (This) comes from knowing that all will work out well because God is with us.


We are confronted wit difficulties on a daily basis. (This) is love that is willing ti endure life's suffering, difficulties, and routine. It means not giving up in difficult situations.


This Fruit of the Holy Spirit flows from God's great love. It is a sign that you love all people without exception and do good to them.


(This) is a willingness to give even a cost to yourself. It expresses concern for meeting the needs of others even if it means sacrificing something of your own.


You can discipline your physical and emotional desires by being modest and respectful of others. With (this) you can be in charge of you emotion and desires instead of the other way around.


(This) is shown by generous acts of service. Kind people are compassionate and considerate. They try to see the best in others.


Keep your promises. Your are faithful when you show loyalty to God and to those whom you have committed yourself. (These) people are dependable, trustworthy, and obedient.


(This) is moderation in all your actions, especially your conversation and external behavior. Modesty is a sign that you give credit to God for your talents and successes.


Strength tempered by love leads you to be gentle, peaceful, and gracious. A (this) person has the power to forgive instead of being angry.


(This) Helps one guard his/her senses so that they will not cause him/her to sin;
it helps one regard his/her own body and those of others as temple of the Holy Spirit

Who practices Chasitiy?

Everyone, married and single.

Where/what does Joy come from?

from a good relationship with God and others, a relationship of genuine love.

Where does Peace come from?

from knowing that all will work out well because God is with us.

What does Patience mean?

It means not giving up in difficult situations.

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