Brachiopods Key Terms


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Ordovician radiation
An interval of dramatic biodiveristy increase at the family and genus level which involved radiation of Paleozoic Fauna such as echinoderms, brachiopods, bryozoans, and mollusks.
ecological niche
The sum of all biotic and abiotic interactions a species experiences. Ecological niches are specific to the species, though the term "niche" is often used to refer to the role of the species within the community.
filter feeder
An organism that obtains nutrients by filtering the surrounding water for food particles.
Richmondian invasion
A regional event during the Late Ordovician period in which 60 new species immigrated to the Cincinnati basin, which fundamentally altered the ecosystem. The brachiopod species /Glyptorthis insculpta/ was one of these immigrating species.
A species that is able to survive in many different environmental conditions and utilize many resources for food.
An interaction between individuals or populations in which each member attempts to access a limited resource in direct or indirect opposition of the other.
An organism that lives on the surface of another organism, generally at no detriment or advantage to the host.