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joints structures

Fibrous Joints

An articulation in which the bones are joined together by dense fibrous connective tissue, lack a joint cavity, and almost no motion is possible. Types are sutures, syndemoses, and gomphoses. (Most are synarthrotic joints.)


immovable joints between skull bones. Type of fibrous joint


Type of fibrous joint. Bones held together by ligaments. EX) Distal tibiofibular (no movement btwn tibia and fibula)

Cartilaginous Joints

Have no joint cavity, Bones held together by cartilage. Examples are growth plates, disks between vertebrae and the pelvic symphysis, slight movement


bones are connected by a broad, flat disc of fibrocartilage


Structurally cartilagenous joint with hyaline cartilage, found temporarily in epiphyseal plates, permanently in costal cartilage (Functionally synarthroses - immovable)

Synovial Joints

bone ends separated by joint cavity w/synovial fluid; i.e knee, freely moving joints

Plane Joint

articulating surfaces flat, only allow short gliding or transition movements; intercarpal/intertarsal joints and between the vertebrae

Hinge Joint

a freely moving joint in which the bones are so articulated as to allow extensive movement in one plane

Pivot Joint

one bone rotates in a ring of another bone that does not move; head and neck

Condyloid Joint

Egg shaped end of one bone that fits into an oval cavity of another, allowing moving bon to go side to side and back & fourth

Ball and socket Joint

spherical head of one bone fits into a round socket in another; i.e. shoulder

Saddle Joint

type of joint found at the base of each thumb; allows grasping and rotation

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