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biceps brachii meaning

two-headed, of the arm

biceps brachii origin

tip of corocoid process of scapula, supraglenoid tubercle of scapula

biceps brachii insertion

tuberosity of radius and fascia forearm via biceptal aponeurosis

biceps brachii motion

supinates forearm; flexes elbow and shoulder

triceps brachii meaning

three-headed, of the arm

triceps brachii origin

infraglenoid tubercle of scapula, posterior surface of humerus

triceps brachii insertion

proximal end of olecranon process of ulna and fascia of forearm

triceps brachii motion

extends the elbow; extends shoulder joint, adducts shoulder

brachialis meaning

of the arm

brachialis origin

distal 2/3 of ventral humerus and intermuscular septum

brachialis insertion

coronoid process of ulna

brachialis motion

flexes the elbow

flexor carpi radialis meaning

one that bends, wrist, related to radius

flexor carpi radialis origin

medial epicondyle of humerus

flexor carpi radialis insertion

base of 2nd metacarpal

flexor carpi radialis motion

flexes and abducts hand at wrist

flexor carpi ulnaris meaning

one that bends, wrist, related to ulna

flexor carpi ulnaris origin

medial epicondyle of humerus, olecranon and posterior border of ulna

flexor carpi ulnaris insertion

pisiform, hamate, base of 5th metacarpal

flexor carpi ulnaris motion

flexes and adducts hand at wrist

brachioradialis meaning

arm, related to radius

brachioradialis origin

proximal 2/3 of lateral supracondyle ridge of humerus

brachioradialis insertion

lateral surface of distal end of radius

brachioradialis motion

flexes elbow, assists in supination and pronation

extensor carpi radialis meaning

one that stretches, wrist, related to radius

extensor carpi radialis origin

lateral epicondyle of humerus, lateral supracondyle ridge of humerus

extensor carpi radialis insertion

bases of 2nd and 3rd metacarpals

extensor carpi radialis motion

extend and abduct hand at wrist joint

extensor carpi ulnaris meaning

one that stretches, wrist, related to ulna

extensor carpi ulnaris origin

lateral epicondyle of humerus and posterior border of ulna

extensor carpi ulnaris insertion

base of 5th metacarpal

extensor carpi ulnaris motion

extends and adducts hand at wrist joint

extensor digitorum meaning

one that stretches, of fingers or toes

extensor digitorum origin

lateral epicondyle of humerus

extensor digitorum insertion

extensor expansions of medial 4 digits

extensor digitorum motion

extends the fingers and assists extending wrist

palmar interossei meaning

related to palm, between/among, bony

palmar interossei origin

ventral base, medial and lateral surfaces of metacarpal

palmar interossei insertion

medial tubercle of base of proximal phalanx of 2nd finger, dorsal hood, lateral tubercles of base of proximal phalanx of 4th, 5th fingers

palmar interossei motion

adducts 2nd, 4th, 5th fingers towards main ray; flex proximal phalanx and extend distal phalanges

lumbricals meaning


lunbricals origin

flexor digitorum profundus

lumbricals insertion

radial lateral band of extensor expansion

lumbricals motion

flex metacarpophalangeal joints; extend interphalangeal joints

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