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  1. John Browns raid on Harper's ferry
  2. Taft's policy of "dollar diplomacy"
  3. In the beginning, the civil war was
  4. In the Kansas-Nebraska act, stephen douglas attempted to set up territorial government on the basis of
  5. Which of the following was NOT a provision of the confederate Constitution
  1. a Promoted american financial and business interests abroad
  2. b Increased southern fears of northern hostility
  3. c A struggle to preserve the union
  4. d popular sovereignty
  5. e A strong central government

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  1. William tweed
  2. William tweed
  3. Racial prejudice and fear of labor competition from slaves
  4. teaching
  5. would be long and difficult

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  1. Andrew Johnson was indicted by the house of violation of thetenure of office act


  2. Which one of the following court decisions severely crippled the Sherman antitrust actnomadic and warlike


  3. the greatest inventor of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century America wasJ. P. Morgan


  4. The term used to describe the Confederate foreign policy wassuffered from severe inflation


  5. the most famous political machine of the late nineteenth century wasWilliam tweed


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