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  1. The journalist who exposed How the other half lives in urban tenements was
  2. During the war, the Confederate economy
  3. Who was the wests largest landowner
  4. The first major industry to attract numbers of people to the wast was
  5. During the war the north
  1. a Jacob riis
  2. b The federal government
  3. c was plagued by a series of violent, anti-draft riots
  4. d mining
  5. e suffered from severe inflation

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  1. King Cotton diplomacy
  2. A strong central government
  3. it provided incentives for growth
  4. Lusitania
  5. Booker T Washington

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  1. New methods of production in the first years of the twentieth centurywere the most radical american labor union


  2. In the Kansas-Nebraska act, stephen douglas attempted to set up territorial government on the basis ofpopular sovereignty


  3. Which one of the following court decisions severely crippled the Sherman antitrust actFamiliar terrain and public support


  4. In the beginning, the civil war wasA struggle to preserve the union


  5. the dred scott decisionwas looked upon favorably by the south