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  1. In the beginning, the civil war was
  2. The Wabash decision stated that
  3. in the late nineteenth century, farmers on the great plains usually lived in
  4. The wilmot proviso sought to
  5. The diplomatic objective of the Confederacy was to
  1. a isolated farmhouses
  2. b A struggle to preserve the union
  3. c states could regulate only intrastate commerce
  4. d forge alliances with England and France
  5. e Ban slavery in the territory acquired from mexico

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  1. generally accepted neutrality
  2. Northeast
  3. Telephone and electricity
  4. Illegal voting by Missouri residents
  5. Promontory, utah

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  1. The most important figure in american finance wasJ. P. Morgan


  2. Jane Addams was the founder ofWas fostered by the actions of African-American troops fighting for the union


  3. The compromise of 1850Abolished the slave trade in the district of Columbia


  4. Most working womenBelieved that self-help was the best plan for African Americans


  5. The Zimmerman telegramproposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico


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