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  1. Henry ford showed that enormous revenues could come from
  2. The diplomatic objective of the Confederacy was to
  3. In the Kansas-Nebraska act, stephen douglas attempted to set up territorial government on the basis of
  4. The leader of Mexican forces that raided Americas borders was
  5. Popular sovereignty failed in the 1854 kansas elections because of
  1. a small unit profit on a large volume sales
  2. b popular sovereignty
  3. c forge alliances with England and France
  4. d Pancho villa
  5. e Illegal voting by Missouri residents

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  1. the reservation system
  2. proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico
  3. NAACP
  4. Monroe Doctrine
  5. would be long and difficult

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  1. The bloodiest one-day battle of the war wasSharpsburg


  2. In the beginning, the civil war wasA struggle to preserve the union


  3. Which one of the following court decisions severely crippled the Sherman antitrust actFamiliar terrain and public support


  4. New methods of production in the first years of the twentieth centuryNortherners were convinced that his position on southern secession was correct


  5. Andrew Johnson was indicted by the house of violation of theThe federal government