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  1. Who was the wests largest landowner
  2. Theodore Roosevelt resigned from his position as _______ to organize the rough riders
  3. A major change in the railroad industry after the civil war was the development of
  4. which one of the following individual took a gradualist approach to African american concerns
  5. The open door policy
  1. a The federal government
  2. b Proposed to keep china open to the trade of all nations
  3. c Assistant secretary of the navy
  4. d major railroad trunk lines
  5. e Booker T Washington

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  1. Northeast
  2. The absence of federal authority to regulate slavery
  3. were young and single
  4. A strong central government
  5. Uncle toms cabin

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  1. John Browns raid on Harper's ferryIncreased southern fears of northern hostility


  2. The process of feminization took place in which of the following professions in the late nineteenth centuryteaching


  3. The religious movement that believed Christianity must have a goal of meeting the needs of the urban poor wasThe social gospel


  4. The principle of the "iron law of wages" stated thatstates could regulate only intrastate commerce


  5. At the beginning of WW1, Americansgenerally accepted neutrality