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  1. The author of uncle toms cabin was
  2. A social gospel minister believed that
  3. The open door policy
  4. At the beginning of WW1, Americans
  5. In the dred scott case, the first question faced by the supreme court was
  1. a generally accepted neutrality
  2. b harriet beecher stowe
  3. c the church must actively participate in society
  4. d whether or not scott was a citizen
  5. e Proposed to keep china open to the trade of all nations

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  1. vertical integration
  2. Northerners were convinced that his position on southern secession was correct
  3. 112,000
  4. forge alliances with England and France
  5. Illegal voting by Missouri residents

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  1. Andrew Carnegies success could be attributed to the fact that heSharpsburg


  2. Initial government policy toward the plains tribes wasnomadic and warlike


  3. The free soil movement supported the exclusion of slavery from the territories because ofRacial prejudice and fear of labor competition from slaves


  4. The 2 transcontinental railroad lines met atPromontory, utah


  5. The religious movement that believed Christianity must have a goal of meeting the needs of the urban poor wasWilliam tweed