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  1. The diplomatic objective of the Confederacy was to
  2. The presidents reconstruction plans were committed to
  3. The 2 transcontinental railroad lines met at
  4. According to the principle of popular sovereignty
  5. The most important figure in american finance was
  1. a Rapid readmission of the southern states to the union
  2. b J. P. Morgan
  3. c forge alliances with England and France
  4. d Promontory, utah
  5. e Settlers would determine whether a territory would have slavery

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  1. were the most radical american labor union
  2. U.S vs.E. C. Knight
  3. major railroad trunk lines
  4. was plagued by a series of violent, anti-draft riots
  5. Hull House in Chicago

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  1. the father of the so-called scientific management movement washarriet beecher stowe


  2. The leader of Mexican forces that raided Americas borders wasPancho villa


  3. as a result of the plessy vs. Ferguson decisionThe federal government


  4. In the dred scott case, the first question faced by the supreme court waswhether or not scott was a citizen


  5. the most famous political machine of the late nineteenth century wasWilliam tweed