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  1. A major change in the railroad industry after the civil war was the development of
  2. Henry ford showed that enormous revenues could come from
  3. According to the principle of popular sovereignty
  4. To the publishers of yellow journalism
  5. the greatest inventor of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century America was
  1. a small unit profit on a large volume sales
  2. b Articles should "make news" and sway public opinion
  3. c Settlers would determine whether a territory would have slavery
  4. d major railroad trunk lines
  5. e Thomas edison

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  1. supply and demand regulated wages
  2. Illegal voting by Missouri residents
  3. was looked upon favorably by the south
  4. Racial prejudice and fear of labor competition from slaves
  5. A strong central government

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  1. A founder of the national american women suffrage association wasSusan B. Anthony


  2. The journalist who exposed How the other half lives in urban tenements wasJacob riis


  3. The best example of a mass-produced consumer product in the early 1900s wasthe model T of Henry ford


  4. The first major industry to attract numbers of people to the wast waswere the most radical american labor union


  5. The Thirteenth AmendmentWas fostered by the actions of African-American troops fighting for the union