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  1. Initial government policy toward the plains tribes was
  2. W. E. B. Du Bois
  3. Which of the following groups was disappointed by the fifteenth amendment
  4. Which of the following was NOT a provision of the confederate Constitution
  5. Taft's policy of "dollar diplomacy"
  1. a Feminists
  2. b Believed educational advancement was the key to success
  3. c Promoted american financial and business interests abroad
  4. d to define boundaries for each tribe and sign treaties with them
  5. e A strong central government

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  1. states could regulate only intrastate commerce
  2. Tammany Hall
  3. popular sovereignty
  4. Henry Clay
  5. Northeast

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  1. The notorious head of the NY city political machine wasWilliam tweed


  2. Which one of the following was NOT a northern advantage throughout the warnomadic and warlike


  3. A minimal Reconstruction policy was favored byRapid readmission of the southern states to the union


  4. John Browns raid on Harper's ferrywere the most radical american labor union


  5. Northern attempts to attack slavery were limited byRapid readmission of the southern states to the union