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  1. The process of feminization took place in which of the following professions in the late nineteenth century
  2. which of the following best describe the plains tribes
  3. According to the principle of popular sovereignty
  4. Which of the following groups was disappointed by the fifteenth amendment
  5. The Roosevelt corollary was an extension of the
  1. a Settlers would determine whether a territory would have slavery
  2. b Monroe Doctrine
  3. c nomadic and warlike
  4. d teaching
  5. e Feminists

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  1. Promoted american financial and business interests abroad
  2. African american education was to be separate but equal to white education
  3. Believed that self-help was the best plan for African Americans
  4. vertical integration
  5. Telephone and electricity

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  1. During the war the northwas plagued by a series of violent, anti-draft riots


  2. The religious movement that believed Christianity must have a goal of meeting the needs of the urban poor wasMonroe Doctrine


  3. The journalist who exposed How the other half lives in urban tenements wasJacob riis


  4. Recovery for the south from the devastation of civil warwould be long and difficult


  5. A major change in the railroad industry after the civil war was the development ofA struggle to preserve the union