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  1. Who was the wests largest landowner
  2. the dred scott decision
  3. A founder of the national american women suffrage association was
  4. The Roosevelt corollary was an extension of the
  5. The most significant blow to to native american tribal life on the plains was
  1. a was looked upon favorably by the south
  2. b The federal government
  3. c Susan B. Anthony
  4. d the reservation system
  5. e Monroe Doctrine

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  1. Rapid readmission of the southern states to the union
  2. Sharpsburg
  3. to define boundaries for each tribe and sign treaties with them
  4. King Cotton diplomacy
  5. Emilio Aguinaldo

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  1. In the Kansas-Nebraska act, stephen douglas attempted to set up territorial government on the basis ofpopular sovereignty


  2. In the 1850s, the most important example of literary abolitionism wasJ. P. Morgan


  3. The Wabash decision stated thatstates could regulate only intrastate commerce


  4. Andrew Johnson was indicted by the house of violation of thetenure of office act


  5. Which of the following groups was disappointed by the fifteenth amendmentFamiliar terrain and public support