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States of Matter

Iodine and CO₂ (dry ice)
What are two substances that sublime at 1 atm when heated?
same KE, but PEice<PEwater
How does the KE and PE of ice at 0°C compare to the KE and PE of water at 0°C?
allow for the vapor pressure of water and make sure to level levels
What things should you remember to do when collecting gas over water?
a-IMFs, b-molecular volume
What do the "a" and "b" in Van Der Waal's equation allow for?
ion pairing
Why are i factors (Van't Hoff factors) often less than ideal?
water and substances with (s) less dense than (l)
For what types of substances does the solid/liquid equilibrium line on a phase diagram slope LEFT?
it's lower and occurs over less sharp a range
How does the melting point of a mixture compare to the MP of a pure substance?
Supercooling can occur when cooling a solvent or solution. It occurs when there's a dip and then a rise back up to the melting point on a cooling curve.
When can supercooling occur? What does it look like on a cooling curve?
There's one normal boiling point (1 atm), but many boiling points (P dependent)
How many normal boiling points and boiling points are there?
What is the relationship between Rate and Molar Mass for two gases? Velocity and Temperature? Energy and Temperature?