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Sound Bite

a radio or video clip of someone speaking

Equal Time Rule

An FCC rule that if a broadcaster sells time to one candidate, it must sell equal time to other candidates

Adversarial Press

press that is nationally suspicious of officials and writes embarrassing, sometimes career-ending stories.


A series, or log, of discussion items on a page of the World Wide Web

background story

A public official's statement to a reporter that is given on condition that the official not be named.

feature stories

media stories about events that, though public, are not regularly covered by reporters

insider stories

media stories about events that are not usually made public

loaded language

words that imply a value judgement, used to persuade a reader without having made a serious argument

selective attention

paying attention only to those news stories with which one already agrees

trial balloon

Information leaked to the media to test public reaction to a possible policy

routine stories

media stories about events that are regularly covered by reporters

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