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font size

The way that keyboarding characters are measured (i.e. 10pt. or 12 pt.)


Draws line through text


Prints text darker than other copy as it is keyed


Prints letters that slope up toward the right

drop cap

Used to format paragraphs to begin with large initial capital letters that take up two or more lines.


Text or graphic appears on top or behind document's text

font effects

Examples include shadow, emboss, small caps, outline

word art

Changes text to graphic object

change case

Used to change the case of characters


Used for labels or as callouts in documents


The design of letters such as Times New Roman and Courier


Text placed slightly lower than other text on a line

3-D effects

Used for enhancement purposes

bold italics

Causes text to appear darker than other text and also letters slope up toward the right


Places a line under text as it is keyed


Text placed slightly higher than other text on a line


A digital typeface that can vary in type and size


Predefined set of formatting options that have been named and saved

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