12 terms

S.S. Time Zones

How many time zones are there?
How many degrees are there in a time zone?
Why do we have time zones?
We have them because people have to have the same morning, noon, afternoon and night. They don't need to wake up in the night.
Does it make sense to have more than one time zone?
Why was it necessary to divide the world into different time zones?
It is because the sun's light hits different parts of the earth at different times.
Why do time zones have jagged borders?
They have jagged borders because if a time zone cut through a city going straight, people in the city would get very confused on which time it was.
What happens if you go East?
Add an hour
What happens if you go West?
Subtract an hour
What are the important lines associated with time zones?
The prime meridian and the International Date Line
What happens at the International Date Line that is special?
The days change
What do a.m. and p.m. mean? (You don't need to be able to remember the words rather understand what they stand for)
a.m. means before noon and p.m means after noon.
If you live in New York City and you wanted to call your cousin in LA at 12 pm, what time would you need to call from New York City?
3 pm