Una Gente En Dios 2


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From the earliest age/primitive/unsophisticated/backward
High Level of Cultural and Tecnological Development/Records
Oral Tradition
Passed down by word of mouth/no written records
Una Gente En Dios
Means a People Living in God/ Word Indian Comes from
Bering Strait
Narrow Body of Water Between Alaska and Siberia
Land Bridge
Once Connected Alaska and Siberia
Ice Age
Time of Major Tempature Drop /Part of Earth covered in Ice Sheets
People Move from Place to Place with no permanent home
New World Corn/ Became major Crop in Africa/Europe After Exchange
disease spreads very quickly and affects a large number of people
Eating of Human Flesh by another Human Being
Forest Management
Conservation and Organization of Timber and Other Resources
"howling wilderness"
From Bible supposedly describes the New World as empty
Native term for traded commodity of homemade liquor
formal ceremonies in accordance with tradition
Admiral of the Ocean Sea
One of Christopher Columbus' many Titles
Columbian Exchange
global swap of animals, plants, people, ailments and ideas
Old World
Refers to Europe, Africa and the Eastern Hemisphere
New World
Refers to the Americas and the West
"English Flies"
Native American term for Honey Bees/Sign of European Presence