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You cannot be considered computer literate unless you have a knowledge of higher level skills, such as programming


Becoming computer literate includes being able to understand and form knowledgeable opinions on the challenges facing a digital society.


Hardware refers to the programs that give commands to the computer.

False- Hardware

When a job is sent to other countries, as many programming jobs have been, it is said to have been exported.

true (?)

Employers have the right to monitor network traffic on employee systems used at work.


Being ________ means being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitations.

Computer Literate

All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT:


Which of the following is NOT necessarily part of being computer literate?

building a computer

The process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a pattern is called _________.

data mining

________ is a type of wireless communication that transmits data through radio waves.

Blue tooth technology

Which of the following do today's educators NOT need to be familiar with to create constructive computerized lessons and to interact with students?

Web authoring software

To set up a(n) ________, you must have an appropriate computer and digital devices connected to a home network.

digital home (?)

________ is the application of computer systems and techniques to gather potential legal evidence.

Computer forensics (?)

Technology no longer protected by copyright, available to everyone, is considered to be ________.

In the public domain

Medical students can train on ________ and experience firsthand how a human would react to a particular treatment.

patient simulators (?)

One potential application of ________ is to provide sight to the blind.

biomedical chip implants

________ is the science revolving around building devices on an extremely small scale.


A basic set of digital home components would include which of the following? (Select all that apply)

network adapter

Some of the benefits of learning about computers include: (select all that apply)

knowledgeable consumer, using current and furture technology increasing your career choices, understanding legal implications

What are the four (4) major "parts" of a computer system (according to Mr. Gladeau's definition of a computer)?

output, input, storage, processing

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