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  1. pluck
  2. grievous
  3. headlong
  4. hovel
  5. inherit
  1. a causing grief or pain; hard to bear
  2. b 1. With great speed or force; reckless. 2. Recklessly; without time for careful thought.
  3. c to receive something from someone after that person's death; to receive as one's physical or mental make-up from one's parents
  4. d to pull off or out; to pick
  5. e an unpleasant, cramped, and dilapidated place to live

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  1. very obvious in an offensive or shameless way
  2. before
  3. in poor condition
  4. to warn; to criticize gently
  5. not done on purpose

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  1. figmentmade up in the mind


  2. nomada preference that prevents one from being impartial; prejudice


  3. derogatoryexpressing a low opinion


  4. congested1. The condition of being overcrowded. 2. The condition of being filled with fluid.


  5. ruthlessimaginary


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