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  1. derogatory
  2. hoard
  3. admonition
  4. heedless
  5. inundate
  1. a to cover, as with water from a flood; to load with an excessive amount or number of something
  2. b expressing a low opinion
  3. c failing to pay proper attention
  4. d to save and put away, especially secretly; anything in such a manner
  5. e a warning

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  1. a deadly disease that spreads rapidly from person to person
  2. a particular period in history
  3. to answer, especially in a quick or clever way
  4. a person with a very strong desire for something that is habit-forming and sometimes harmful
  5. to move back or to drop to a lower level; to become fainter

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  1. placateto stop from being angry; to calm


  2. plumagecourage or bravery


  3. menialof or relating to low-level, humble work


  4. hovelTo manage problems or difficulties successfully.


  5. authorityThe right to give orders, make decisions, or take action. + An expert source of information.