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  1. acknowledge
  2. pluck
  3. mortal
  4. heedful
  5. acquisition
  1. a To admit the existence of. + To express recognition or thanks for.
  2. b to pull off or out; to pick
  3. c paying careful attention to
  4. d something that is acquired
  5. e causing death; fatal

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  1. Strict; severe.
  2. pleasing to the senses; delicious
  3. someone who scavenges; an animal that feeds on dead or decaying matter
  4. to make up; to consist of
  5. wise; clever

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  1. invincibleto increase; to strengthen or deepen


  2. admonishto warn; to criticize gently


  3. casualtyshowing too much pride


  4. enrollA large number of people gathered together; a crowd. To gather or move in large numbers.


  5. predatoryliving by killing and eating other animals; living by robbing or stealing from others