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  1. benefactor
  2. permanent
  3. authentic
  4. ungainly
  5. enroll
  1. a to sign up to become a member of some group or activity; to register
  2. b moving in a clumsy or awkward way
  3. c genuine; true
  4. d lasting or expecting to last for a long time
  5. e a person who provides help, especially by giving money

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  1. to pull off or out; to pick
  2. causing death; fatal
  3. a deadly disease that spreads rapidly from person to person
  4. the condition of being genuine
  5. to prove that something is genuine

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  1. pioneera person who goes before others


  2. Devastatewise; clever


  3. acquisitiona warning


  4. antagonizeto stir up anger or dislike


  5. dumbfoundto make speechless with amazement


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