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  1. hurtle
  2. latitude
  3. trek
  4. figment
  5. irate
  1. a the distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees; freedom from strict rles
  2. b A long, slow, and difficult journey. + To travel slowly and with difficulty.
  3. c To move with great force and speed.
  4. d Very angry; furious.
  5. e made up in the mind

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  1. An obstacle; something that gets in the way.
  2. Sharp, irritating, or bitter to the senses of taste or smell.
  3. a person who provides help, especially by giving money
  4. to have a strong desire to get or do something; to seek
  5. to scold in a harsh or formal manner

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  1. abateTo become weaker; to decrease.


  2. respitea period of rest; pause


  3. indifferentnot concerned about


  4. agitateto disturb or upset ; to move with irregular, fast, or violent action


  5. supervisiona warning