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  1. ungainly
  2. infuriate
  3. administer
  4. unwitting
  5. respite
  1. a a period of rest; pause
  2. b moving in a clumsy or awkward way
  3. c To make very angry.
  4. d to manage or direct; to give out as treatment or assistance
  5. e not done on purpose

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  1. amazement or fear that makes one feel confused
  2. 1. Overcrowded; filled too full. 2. Filled with fluid.
  3. 1. The condition of being overcrowded. 2. The condition of being filled with fluid.
  4. pleasing to the senses; delicious
  5. looking for something usable

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  1. correspondto match; to exchange letters with another person


  2. predatoryliving by killing and eating other animals; living by robbing or stealing from others


  3. hoardto pay attention to


  4. whimto work long and hard; hard and tiring labor


  5. mortalcausing death; fatal