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  1. solitude
  2. ruthless
  3. garrison
  4. devoid
  5. flourish
  1. a lacking;empty
  2. b being alone
  3. c to thrive or to prosper; to wave in the air; a sweeping motion; a showy burst of music; a fancy line or curve added to something written
  4. d showing no mercy; pitiless
  5. e soldiers stationed in a place to protect it; a military place of protection, together with its soldiers and weapons; to provide soldiers with a place to live

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  1. To ruin or destroy completely.
  2. to present a gift
  3. showing too much pride
  4. made up in the mind
  5. to declare something to be true; to continue in the same way or condition; to keep in good condition

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  1. authoritygenuine; true


  2. correspondto stand up to, to face boldly


  3. pioneera person who goes before others


  4. nomada member of one group that settles briefly in one place and then moves on


  5. nomadichaving characteristics of a nomad