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  1. Ingratiate
  2. Undulate
  3. Smug
  4. Fawning
  5. Surrogate
  1. a complacent or self-righteous
  2. b to gain favor by deliberate effort
  3. c deputy; substitute
  4. d whiningly affectionate; obsequious; seeking by excessive flattery
  5. e to move in a wave; to ripple

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  1. a roll or knot of hair worn at the back of a head by a women
  2. a frenzied and impassioned choric hymn
  3. a harsh or disagreeable combination of sounds; discord
  4. aroused by something unjust, mean, or unworthy
  5. to ponder moodily; to sulk

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  1. Repellentrepulsive; inspiring aversion or distaste


  2. Acquisitiveexplicit; determining finally; conclusive; decisive


  3. Sententiousjoking, often inappropriate; witty


  4. Inordinateto gain favor by deliberate effort


  5. Facetiousjoking, often inappropriate; witty