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Air Bubbles

Air trapped in clay


Clay that has been fired once (No longer a liquid, but a solid)

Bisque Fire

First firing, slow fire (This is where the clay goes through its chemical change)

Bone Dry

When the clay is as dry as it can be before firing


Polishing clay with a spoon


Cut out pieces from the clay


When you build with rope lengths of clay


When the clay doesn't stick to glaze (This is because the dust on the clay was not cleaned)


Glazing the piece by dipping it in a pot of glaze; this will give it an even coat

Drape Mold

Placing a slab into a mold (It takes the mold's shape)


Heat kiln to a specific temperature (about 1800F)..LOW Fire


The base added to the pottery


Color given to the clay (made from glass, pigment, and water)


Piece of formed clay, but it is yet to be fired


Bisque dust [added to reclaim bucket to give the reclaim clay a stiffer body]


Scratch the clay for decorative purposes


Slip and score two pieces together


Oven capable of high temperatures

Kiln Shelf

Ceramic shelves used to stack and load kiln

Kiln Wash

Paint put on kiln shelves so that the glaze doesn't stick to the shelves

Leather Hard

Semi-dry clay (Good for carving and joining)

Maturation Point

The temperature where chemical change occurs

Matt Glaze

Glaze that doesn't shine upon firing


Shapes that are naturally formed (found in nature)


Mathematical shapes (Can be found with calculations)

Peep Hole

Holes in the sides of the kiln used for venting the kiln

Pinch Pot

Clay pot made with hands (fingers)


The work ability of the clay


Recycle greenware


When the clay is scratched in order to join it to another piece of clay


Liquid clay body (When there is more water than clay)


Small metal and ceramic piece that holds the glazed pottery above the kiln shelf


When 3D clay is built in an additive and subtractive process


When clay shrinks after being fired; shrinks about 15-25%


Working with flat pieces of clay (used to fold/geometric form)


Process of loading the kiln

Terra Cotta

Brown, earthen-wear clay


Process of creating pottery on the pottery wheel

Under Glaze

Any glaze applied to the clay or bisque that will require further glazing later


When the clay changes its shape due to improper drying


Kneading clay to get it to the right plasticity (Removes air)

Banding Wheel

Small wheel used for decorative purposes

Loop Tool

Used to stir clay, sgraffitoing, or pulling clay away

Rolling Pin

Used to flatten clay

Wire Tool/Cutting Wire

Used to cut large chunks of clay

Elephant Ear

A sponge used to wet clay's surface

Modeling Tool

Wooden tool used to manipulate clay (ex. incising)

Texture Stamps

Anything that is pressured into the clay to make a texture

Slab Roller

Used to roll out large pieces of clay

Fettling Knife

Dull knife used to cut clay

Pin Tool

Used for incising and scoring


Use to smooth or burnish the clay


How well the pottery is made

Utilitarian Concerns

What you can use the pottery for


"Ding Ding" I didn't think of doing that


Creative piece


Piece made from another object

Formation of Pottery...Bucket to Display Case

Forming, Bisque, Wash, Glaze, Fire, Touch Up, Fire Again

Decorating Pottery

Incising, Burnishing, Sgraffito, Add something to it, Modeling it

Importance of Wedging

This technique removes air from the clay, getting the clay to its proper plasticity

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