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  1. quickening
  2. uterus
  3. Faternal twins
  4. explusion stage
  5. forceps
  1. a first time that the mother feels the fetus moving
  2. b two siblings born at the same time that do not look exactly the same
  3. c baby has entered the birth canal
  4. d organ which grows the placenta and houses the fetus
  5. e special tongs that the doctor uses to guide the baby's head during delivery

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  1. certified in child delivery, not nurses, deliver at home
  2. female reproductive cell
  3. external genitalia
  4. process of expelling the placenta, umbilical cord, and amniotic sac from the uterus
  5. self aculization, esteem, love/belonging, saftey, physiological

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  1. zygoteblood clots in the legs


  2. first timesterbaby's organs are beginning to develop


  3. PKUblood clots in the legs


  4. nurse midwifetrained in child delivery but does not have a certificate, deliver at home


  5. van deferens tubetubes leading from the ovaries to the uterus


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