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  1. second triimester
  2. ovum
  3. Down's syndrome
  4. Cleft palate/cleft lip
  5. vacumn suction
  1. a form of suction
  2. b defect of the face
  3. c chromosomes occurring as a triplet rather than a pair
  4. d begins to experience quickening
  5. e female reproductive cell

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  1. foot or hand being twisted
  2. first time that the mother feels the fetus moving
  3. female sex glands
  4. recessive gene
  5. passage way between the uterus and the vulva

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  1. maslow's hierchey of needsself aculization, esteem, love/belonging, saftey, physiological


  2. penismale sex organ for urination and intercourse


  3. amniotic fluidfluid inside the placenta


  4. spermrecessive gene


  5. van deferens tubetubes leading from the ovaries to the uterus