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  1. lightening
  2. Formal operational
  3. Diliation Stage
  4. semen
  5. Club hand/foot
  1. a foot or hand being twisted
  2. b vagina must expand
  3. c fetus moves to a head down position and drops lower in the pelvis
  4. d mixture of sperm and seminal fluid ejaculated during intercourse
  5. e people can think abstractly and accurately draw conclusions

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  1. head is first seen
  2. mature male reproductive cell
  3. hollow, muscular organ where the fetus is implanted, sheltered, and nurtured
  4. male sex organ for urination and intercourse
  5. swollen hands and feet, high blood pressure, and very rapid weight gain

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  1. first timesterbaby's organs are beginning to develop


  2. ovariesfemale sex glands


  3. PKUdoctor who specializes in delivery


  4. Sensormeterchildren explore the world with their senses


  5. fetusdeveloping baby after the eighth week


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