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  1. menstrum
  2. testicles
  3. zygote
  4. fetus
  5. Diliation Stage
  1. a two male sex glands,
  2. b developing baby the first two weeks
  3. c vagina must expand
  4. d developing baby after the eighth week
  5. e periodic discharge of bloody fluid from the uterus through the vagina

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  1. canal from the neck of the bladder to the outside of the body through which urine is passed
  2. developing baby from the third to the eighth wee
  3. duct through which sperm are transported from the testicle to the seminal vesicles and urethra
  4. children explore the world with their senses
  5. children begin to use logic to get answers

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  1. first timesterlightening will occur


  2. uterusorgan which grows the placenta and houses the fetus


  3. episitomycut in the perineum done before delivery to help prevent the skin from tearing


  4. Thopen space on the baby's head where the bones of the skull have not completely formed


  5. quickeningfirst time that the mother feels the fetus moving