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  1. epidural
  2. menstrum
  3. testicles
  4. amniotic fluid
  5. PKU
  1. a medication which gives the mother full relief from labor pain
  2. b two male sex glands,
  3. c recessive gene
  4. d fluid inside the placenta
  5. e periodic discharge of bloody fluid from the uterus through the vagina

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  1. female reproductive cell
  2. hollow, muscular organ where the fetus is implanted, sheltered, and nurtured
  3. cut in the perineum done before delivery to help prevent the skin from tearing
  4. swollen hands and feet, high blood pressure, and very rapid weight gain
  5. delivery of a fetus before it has developed enough to survive

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  1. uretheadeveloping baby after the eighth week


  2. third trimesterlightening will occur


  3. vaginal deliverypassage way between the uterus and the vulva


  4. afterbirth stagevagina must expand


  5. Cleft palate/cleft lipdefect of the face