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  1. vernix
  2. lightening
  3. zygote
  4. afterbirth stage
  5. certified practitioner midwife
  1. a process of expelling the placenta, umbilical cord, and amniotic sac from the uterus
  2. b thick, greasy, wax-like substance which covers the baby
  3. c certified in child delivery, not nurses, deliver at home
  4. d fetus moves to a head down position and drops lower in the pelvis
  5. e developing baby the first two weeks

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  1. blood clots in the legs
  2. duct through which sperm are transported from the testicle to the seminal vesicles and urethra
  3. two male sex glands,
  4. male sex organ for urination and intercourse
  5. swollen hands and feet, high blood pressure, and very rapid weight gain

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  1. utheracanal from the neck of the bladder to the outside of the body through which urine is passed


  2. vulvaexternal genitalia


  3. explusion stagebaby has entered the birth canal


  4. epiduralmature male reproductive cell


  5. vaginapassage way between the uterus and the vulva