13 terms

Unit 1 lesson 1-4 & 1-5 (8th) Using Graphs in Science & Designing an Experiment

scientific inquiry
begins with a question followed by gathering evidence about the natural world and proposing explanations based on the evidence.
a possible explanation or answer to a scientific question
independent variable
The one factor that is deliberately changed to test a hypothesis
dependent variable
factor that may change as a result of a change in the independent variable
controlled experiment
an experiment in which only one variable is changed at a time
error in the design of the experiment
repeated trial
a repetition of an experiment
an attempt by a different group of scientists to conduct the same experiment
scientific explination
a generalization that makes sense of observations by using logical reasoning
picture of data used to identify trends, make predictions, and recognize anomalous, or inconsistant data
linear graph
A line graph in which the data points yield a straight line.
nonlinear graph
A line graph in which the data points do not fall along a straight line.
Any data point that is not part of the trend