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  1. An organelle that functions in the synthesis of proteins
  2. decoding of a mRNA message into a polypeptide chain
  3. gene mutations involving changes in one or a few nucleotides, chemical changes in just one base pair of a gene
  4. the primary linkage of all protein structures, covalent bond formed between amino acids
  5. mutation that shifts the "reading" frame of the genetic message by inserting or deleting a nucleotide
  6. sequence of DNA that is not involved in coding for a protein, sequence of a eukaryotic gene's DNA that is not translated into a protein

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  1. Transcriptionprocess in which part of the nucleotide sequence of DNA is copied into a complementary sequence in RNA


  2. tRNAtransfer RNA; type of RNA that carries amino acids to the ribosome


  3. Central Dogmatheory that states that, in cells, information only flows from DNA to RNA to proteins


  4. RNA PolymeraseA polymer (chain) of many amino acids linked together by peptide bonds., a peptide containing 10 to more than 100 amino acids


  5. Codonexpressed sequence of DNA; codes for a protein, sequence of a gene's DNA that transcribes into protein structures