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20 Unit 6 Flashcards


Definition: to feel uneasy and/or self-conscious

Part of Speech: past participle adjective

Synonym: 0

Antonym: unashamed

Sentence:The unashamed cashier hoped to feel less abashed after the verbal abuse he just suffered.


Definition: distant and indifferent

Part of Speech: adjective

Synonym: distant

Antonym: sociable

Sentence:The usually sociable Penny is unusually distant at school today.


Definition: (n) mental distress (v) to suffer great distress
Part of Speech: noun and verb

Synonym: (n) woe

Antonym: (n) joy

(noun) Alicia feels great anguish due to the enormous woe of her grandmother dying.
(verb) The bully anguishes over his own insecurities and let's out his anger on others.


Definition: (v.) to express clearly (adj.) able to clearly express language

Part of Speech: verb and adjective

Synonym: (v.) enunciate, (adj.) eloquent

Antonym: (adj.) mumbled

(Verb) Martin Luther King in his time is known to articulate his wonderful speeches.
(Adjective) Usually the person who wins a speech contest is an articulate speaker.


Definition: to lay in the sun or to lay exposed

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: wallow

Antonym: 0

The lazy house cat wallows on the couch for about an hour then he basks in the sun on the porch.


Definition: (n.) a mark that spoils the appearance of something, (v.) to leave a business

Part of Speech: noun and verb

Synonym: 0

Antonym: 0

(Noun) Having a defect on your skin does not mean that your are ugly.
(Verb) Bernie Maydolf defects from a company as soon as they realize what he has done to them.


Definition: (n.) skillful handling of a situation (v.) to complete something skillfully

Part of Speech: noun and verb

Synonym: (n.) delicacy, (v.) 0

Antonym: (n.) awkwardness (v.) 0

(noun) The gymnast flew through the air with the finesse of a true athlete who practices on his delicacy.
(verb) The runner finesses through the obstacle course quickly.


Definition: to display proudly

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: parade

Antonym: hide

Flaunting Jimmy's talent would be a horrendous loss so he prefers to hide it.


Definition: blunt, straight-shooting

Part of Speech: adjective

Synonym: candid

Antonym: evasive

The cockatoo uses evasive maneuvers to avoid having a forthright personality.


Definition: friendly, hospitable

Part of Speech: adjective

Synonym: friendly

Antonym: cold

Their new friendly neighbors are much more genial than their old neighbors, the Smiths.


Definition: to teach using frequent repetitions

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: implant

Antonym: eradicate

The reason for Jimmy's good manners is because his grandmother implanting kindness into him and his parents instilling helpfulness.


Definition: to expel from

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: cast out

Antonym: associate with

The Kool Kats ostracized Jimmy because of his general nature of wanting to be cast out.


Definition: a warning of something to come, a premonition

Part of Speech: noun

Synonym: presentiment

Antonym: 0

The presentiment of the year 2000 end of the world is a bigger premonition than the Mayan 2012 apocalypse.


Definition: a fictitious name

Part of Speech: noun

Synonym: nom de plume

Antonym: 0

In ancient times, many females had to write under nom de plumes and pseudonyms to get their work published.


Definition: (v.) to rid of, evacuate (n.) the act of cleansing

Part of Speech: noun and verb

Synonym: (v.) cleanse (n.) 0

Antonym: (v.) pollute (n.) 0

Having to cleanse his locker is as boring as to purge your room.


Definition: to re-adapt to previous form

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: rebuild

Antonym: 0

Nimsy Limsy has to rebuild her image so she goes to rehabilitate her spirit.


Definition: a reverberation of an action

Part of Speech: noun

Synonym: 0

Antonym: cause

The main cause of the car accident is a repercussion of the driver drinking coffee.


Definition: determined in belief

Part of Speech: adjective

Synonym: steadfast

Antonym: weak

Presidential candidates tend to be stead fast and have resolute opinions.


Definition: able to recall

Part of Speech: adjective

Synonym: 0

Antonym: porous

A porous memory is not helpful in a testing situation where a retentive nature would benefit.


Definition: someone punished for the errors of others

Part of Speech: noun

Synonym: whipping boy

Antonym: 0

Roberto is everyone's whipping boy in Jimmy's town where anyone else is afraid to be the scapegoat .

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