Wynton Blount

important businessman who also served as postmaster general under President Nixon

John Harbert

former Eagle Scout who founded a commercial construction company

A.G. Gaston

established an insurance company and expanded it with the help of Louis J. Willie

Emil Hess

with his son Donald, built Parisian stores from Michigan to Florida

Emory Cunningham

founded Southern Living, one of the most successful magazines in the last part of the 20th century

Hank Aaron

passed Babe Ruth's record of 714 home runs and established a new record of 755 home runs

Willie Mays

part of twenty-four All-Star games and four World Series

Jesse Owens

set world records in track at the Berlin Olympics in 1936

Leah Rawls Atkins

first woman admitted to the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame; one of the authors of our history text

Vonetta Flowers

the first African American to win a gold medal in the winter Olympics; member of the bobsled team

Harper Lee

wrote To Kill a Mockingbird, which won a Pulitzer Prize

Kathryn Tucker Windham

master storyteller and photographer; known for her ghost stories

Fannie Flagg

actress and author of several books including Fried Green Tomatoes, which was made into a movie

Barbara Parks

best-selling children's author; writes the Junie B. Jones books

Tallulah Bankhead

Alabama native who performed on stages in New York and London and in movies

Nat King Cole

a jazz pianist and popular singer in the 1940s and 1950s

Erskine Hawkins

Birmingham native who wrote "Tuxedo Junction" made popular by the Glenn Miller Band

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