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19 terms

Governmet Vocabulary

The power or authority that rules a country
Monarchy/ Dictatorship
Ruled by one
Ruled by few
Ruled by the majority of the people
Ruled by the law, leaving people alone
No government
The state or condition of being a member of a community with a government and laws
The study of rights, duties and responsibilities of a citizen
a power, privilege, immunity, or capacity( space) of which is secured for enjoyment to a person by law
Love, devotion, and loyalty to one's country
Representative Democracy
A form of government in which power is held by the peope and exercised indirectly through elected representatives who make decisions
Direct Democracy
A form of democracy in which the people as a whole make direct decisions, rather then have those decisions made for them by elected representatives
Totalitarian Government
Refers to the belief that every aspect of a citizens life must match the beliefs of those running the government
Constitutional Monarchy
A government that has a monarch who serves as a symbolic head of state
Tyranny, absolute rule or despotism
Executive Branch
Branch of government that carries out, enforces or executes the law
Legislative branch
Branch that makes the laws
Judicial Branch
branch that interprets laws or tells what the laws mean
What are the 3 branches of Government