Forms of Government


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3 ways to classify government
1) by the number of people who are allowed to take part in the running of the government
(2) by the way the state divides government power geographically
(3) by the relationship between the lawmakers and those who carry out the laws.
Direct Democracy
a form of democracy in which people decide
Indirect Democracy
A means of governance by the people THROUGH elected representatives. "Representative democracy"
a single person holds the power
is government in which a small group of people holds the power. This small group may be self-appointed or chosen by the dictator.
Federal Government
in the United States, there is a division of powers between a central government and several local governments. This means that the national government has certain powers and the 50 states have other powers.
Confederate Government
several individual states join to form a group. This confederation helps the states with certain matters, such as foreign policy or trade. The confederation cannot make laws; only the individual states can.
Unitary Government
a single, central group holds all key powers. Areas of local government also exist, but only to help reduce the duties of the central government.
Which system of government describes the distribution of power in the United States?
What does it mean to say the United States has a federal system of government?
the national government shares power with state government
How does a confederation limit the power of a central government?
the central government does not have authority to make its own laws
A form of government in which the executive and legislative branches are separate, independent, and coequal
A form of government in which the executive branch is made up of a prime minister, or premier, and that official's cabinet
How are the powers of the legislative branch limited in a presidential government?
the president can eject the purposed law
Why are there fewer conflicts between the executive branch and the legislative branch in a Parliamentary system of government?
the members of the executive branch are also members of the legislative branch
Which best describes a Dictatorship?
All power is in the hands of one person
In a democracy the government rules by the consent of the
Who holds the states power in an Oligarchy?
a small group of people
In which type of government is a small group of people elected to represent a larger group?
indirect democracy
In a parliamentary system from where are the cabinet members drawn?
Legislative Branch
Under a federal system of government powers are equally distributed between?
a central and local government
Who is head of the executive branch in parliamentary system?
the prime minister
In government by popular consent which group holds state power?
Elected representatives
A presidential government is based on the relationship between which 2 branches of the government?
Executive and Legislative
In which system are all keys powers given to the central government?
Unitary Government
Governments are classified in all of the following ways except
The square miles of territory governed by its leaders
One classification of government is based on the relationship between lawmakers and the people who
Carry out the laws
In the united States what check does the president have on the power of the legislative branch?
The President can reject a proposed law
Which statement is true about the prime minister and the parliamentary government?
The prime minister belongs to the parliament
Which form of Democracy works only on a local level?
Direct democracy
Which system of government is not defined by a geographic distribution of power?