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The mixed spinal nerves are formed by the union of ____ & _______.

The Ventral and Dorsal Spinal Roots.

The sacral spinal nerves emerge through intervertebral foramina. True/False

True- They all do.

The ventral root of the sacral spinal cord contains the axon of neuron in the anterior & lateral grey columns. True/False


Name the nerves, which emerge from the posterolateral sulcus of the spinal cord.

The dorsal/Posterior Roots.

The spinal ganglia of the sacral spinal cord are located in the intervertebral foramina. True/False


In the upper cervical region, the spinal cord levels are almost identical to the vertebral level. True/False


The spinal nerves are mixed nerve with sensory & motor fibers. True/False


The recurrent meningeal branches of the spinal nerves are branched after the dorsal & ventral rami are divided. True/False

False. It splits before

A grey ramus communicates or joins to the ___ of each spinal nerve.

Ventral Ramus.

The ventral rami of the thoracic & the 1st & 2nd lumbar nerve contribute ________ to the corresponding sympathetic ganglia and receive _________.

Gives a White Ramus
Receives A Grey Ramus.

The S2, S3 & S4 receive grey rami communicantes from the corresponding sympathetic ganglion. True/False


The borders of an intervertebral foramen are
a. anteriorly: b. posteriorly:
c. superiorly: d. inferiorly

Ant- IVD
Post- Zygo Joints
Sup/Inf- Vertebral Notches.

Name the structure, which are located within the intervertebral foramina.

A spinal artery, Plexus of veins and its own meningeal plexus

Name the type of neurons in the anterior grey column of the spinal cord.

Alpha, Beta and Gamma Neurons.

Name the type of the nerve cell in the spinal ganglia.

Unipolar cells

Name the segments of the spinal cord which contain the preganglionic efferent fibers of the sympathetic nerve.

In the Lateral Grey column of Thoracic and upper 2-3 Lumbar.

The meningeal nerves receive one or more communications from neighboring white ramus communicantes from a thoracic & upper lumbar sympathetic ganglion. True/False

False - Gray and only thoracic

Name all possible targets, which are innervated by the meningeal nerve of the spinal nerve.

The Dura Mater, Walls of Blood Vessels, Periosteum, Ligaments and IVD.

The upper three cervical meningeal nerves are distributed to the cerebral dura mater of the ____ cranial fossa.


Name two functional nerve fibers, which pass through the ventral root at the T5 spinal cord.


The meningeal branches of the spinal nerves are present at all vertebral levels. True/False


Name two ligaments, which the meningeal nerve of the spinal nerve supplies at the L1 spinal cord.


Name the nerves, which are distributed to the cerebral dura mater of the posterior cranial fossa.

The Upper three Cervical Meningeal Nerves.

The C1 dorsal ramus divides into a medial & a lateral branches. True/False


The C2 dorsal ramus wind round the articular process. True/False


The C1 dorsal ramus is smaller than the ventral ramus. True/False


Name four muscles, which are innervated by the C1 dorsal ramus.

Rectus major & minor, superior & inferior oblique capitis & the semispinalis capitis.

Name the nerve which emerges under the vertebral artery.

Suboccipital nerve (1st cervical dorsal rami)

Name the two nerves, which supply the inferior oblique muscle

C1 (Suboccipital nerve) Dorsal Rami and C2 Dorsal Rami

The medial branch of the C2 dorsal ramus is also known as ____________.

Greater Occipital Nerve

Name three nerves, which pierce the semispinalis capitis & trapezius to supply the skin of the occipital scalp.

Medial branch of third cervical dorsal rami
Lesser occipital nerve
Greater occipital nerve

Name the nerves, which innervates the semispinalis cervicis.

Medial branches of lower 5 cervical dorsal rami
Upper 6 thoracic dorsal rami

Name the nerves, which innervates the multifidus?

Medial branches of lower 5 cervical dorsal rami
Thoracic dorsal rami
Medial branches of lumbar and sacral dorsal rami

Name the nerve, which innervate the levator costarum.

Lateral Branches of Thoracic dorsal rami

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