Civil Rights Vocabulary

15 terms by MmeKaiser Teacher

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Fill in the correct vocabulary words


In a __________ people vote for representatives.


In a ___________ people sit and refuse to move in a public place.


My teacher believes in what he does, so he expresses his ideas with _____________.


_________ exists when everyone is treated fairly.

nonviolent action

Boycotts are a form of __________.


Forms of ________________ during the Civil Rights Movement included boycotts and sit-ins.


Voting is a ____________ in a democracy.


It is ___________________ when a school does not allow girls to wrestle.


The leaders of the Civil Rights Movemet chose Rosa Parks because of her ____________.


If you are with other people who feel like you do, you don't feel _______________.


The teacher expects the boy to cheat because of her _________________.


African-Americans have _________________ a lot of injustices, but there are still more to ________________.


People in a movement___________ in the cause they are fighting for.


_________is when people act or speak against something that exists.


People walk together with signs to protest in a ___________

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