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Chapter 9 Important Reading Questions

What is the neurotransmitter that causes contraction in skeletal muscle?
When calcium increases in the cytosol, what happens to tropnin and tropomyosin?
calcium ions bind to the troponin, changing its shape and altering the position of the tropomyosin
What breaks down extra ACh in the synapse?
What is the purpose of creatine phosphate?
stores energy released from the mitochondria
Rigor mortis is caused when what happens to calcium ions?
increase in membrane permeability to calcium ions
Rigor mortis is casued when what happens to ATP?
decrease in availability of ATP in muscle fibers
What happens to the cross bridges in rigor mortis?
they stay attached
If an individual has MG, what structures are they lacking?
acetycholine receptors
What is the second transmitter, unique to smooth muscles?
Apart from the 2 neurotransmitters, what else can cause muscle contraction?
hormones, stretching of smooth muscle fibers
What is the function of the intercalated disk?
help join cells and transmit the force of contraction from the cell to cell
What is a syncytium?
network responds to stimulation in an all or none matter