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Extra Questions

A drug used to control bleeding is called
A drug used to increase the secretions and mucus from the bronchial tubes is called
Why are buttock muscles contraindicated as injection sites on children under age two
too close to the sciatic nerve
In preparation for ultrasound_______is placed on the patient's skin to enhance the penetration of sound waves through tissue
petroleum jelly
The concave curve in the upper surface of a liquid in a container is called
Which of the following individuals would have the fastest pulse rate
Techniques that keep areas free of microorganisms are referred to as_______techniques
Drugs used for the treatment of a condition to relieve symptoms are______in nature
An x-ray exam of the gall bladder following oral administration of a contrast medium is called
Removal of synovial fluid from a joint is called
Synthetic casts are often preferred over plaster casts because they
dry and set faster
Specific hazards or perils listed in an insurance policy for which the insurance company will not pay are called
A condition seen in infancy due to a deficiency in vitamin D and characterized by softening of the bone is called
Which of the following is most often used to administer an ID injection
26-27g needle
Abnormal S-shaped lateral curvature of the spine is called
Which of these distributes the electrical impulse to the ventricles
bundles of his
The six standard chest leads of an EKG are called
Amniocentesis allows physicians to
perform genetic tests before birth
An antiseptic drugs acts by
inhibiting the growth of microorganisms
Bacterial cultures are taken after autoclaving to determine
the effectiveness of the sterilization
What is a cardiac cycle
one complete heartbeat
What does it mean when you see diagonal lines on the autoclave tape of a wrapped article
the article has been autoclaved
Accounts purchased on credit and owed to creditors are called
accounts payable
An instrument that is used to grasp a curved needle for suturing is called
needle holder
Which of these instruments is used to clamp off blood vessels
An imaginary line that divides the body into top and bottom is called a
transverse plane
A wound in which the outer layer of the skin are scraped off is called
Inflammation of the mucus lining of the mouth is called
A clean, smooth cut made by a sharp cutting instrument is called a
A device used to record the electrical activity of a patient's heart over a 24 hour period of time is called a ________ monitor
Inflammation of the peritoneal cavity is
A break in a bone, without penetration of the skin surface over the fracture site, is called_______fracture
When using open punctuation, the salutation of a business letter should be followed by which punctuation mark
no punctuation
An attachment to an insurance policy excluding certain illnesses or disabilities that would otherwise be covered is called
pre policy rider
Insulin syringes are calibrated in
A drug that affects the nervous system to relieve pain is called
An injection where the skin is pulled laterally 1 1/2 inches away form the injection site is called
z track
_________are used to convert specific cardiac arrhythmias into regular sinus rhythms
Fluid that is held within the body tissues, causing them to swell, is called
Normal business transactions requiring payment by the physician should be made by
Inflammation of the eyelid is called
__________is a type of arrhythmia characterized by a cardiac cycle that occurs before the cycle is due, and in which a patient's complaint might be the feeling of the heart "skipping a beat"
pvc-premature ventricular contraction
A drug that arouses or increases sexual desire is called
What is the proper placement of an agar plate in an incubator
lid up (upright)
An interval software language used to control computer hardware is called its
operating system
A check that will be unpaid if written over a certain amount is known as________check
Drugs that have been mixed, but not dissolved, in liquids are called
Separate file folders are used for each type of insurance to be handled in order to ________
avoid losing claims
Digoxin is used for
cardiac problems
Tharazine is used to
reduce mental tension and anxiety
The________name of a drug is its official name
To ensure that the medical office has the supplies it needs , the medical assistant should establish a(n) ___________
reorder point, inventory control log, order quantity (all of the above)
A drug that increases cough output is called a ________
The alternating contraction and relaxation of intestinal muscles is called ________
The prolonged retention and accumulation of fecal material in the rectum is called
impaction of feces