21 terms

Bedford Wozniak Science 4th Ch 12

examples of physical properties of matter
some examples are color, shape, size and texture
water vapor
molecules move quickly past each other and spread out
anything that has mass and takes up space; everything you see even air
3 states of water
ice, water, water vapor; all have the same kind of matter, molecule and atom
2 or more atoms joined together
physical property
matter changes from one state to another without becoming a new matter; different characteristics
smallest particle of matter
liquid water
molecules move past each other but stay close together; take the shape of the container it is in
3 states of matter
solid, liquid, gas
molecules vibrate and are placked close together; stay in a specific shape
measure of the pull of gravity on an object; can chage if gravity's pull changes
amount of space that matter takes up; all matter has this
liter and milliliter
used to measure volume in a beaker or graduated cylinder
metric system
a standard system of measurement based on multiples of 10; all scientists use this
gram and kilogram
used to measure mass with a balance
how the surface of an object looks when light shines on it; shiny or not
5 physical properties of matter
color, shape, texture, density and luster
how the object feels
how much matter is in a given space, or volume
chemical property
a characteristic of matter that can be observed only when matter is changed into a new kind of matter
chemical properties examples
burn, rust, cook , tarnish; how matter reacts with air, heat and water