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These flashcards are about the different types of figuritive language we learned in English.


A comparison using like, as, or than.
Ex: The ball was as yellow as the sun.


A comparison without using like, as, or than.
Ex: Recess was a three-ring circus.


A big exaggeration, or an overstatement.
Ex: He was so tall that he could touch the moon.


When the same beginning sound or letter is repeated.
Ex: Sally sells seashells by the seashore.


When a word imatates a sound.
Ex: Boom, bang, thud.


When an object, place, feeling, or animal are given human characteristics or are doing something only humans can do.
Ex: The dirty dishes stared at me with their eyes from the sink.


A phrase that doesn't mean exactly what it says.
Ex: Hold your horses.

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