18 terms

Government Ch. 7 Vocbulary

direct primary
an election held within a party to pick that party's candidates for the general election
blanket primary
voting process in which voters receive a long ballot containing the names of all contenders, regardless of party, and can vote however they choose
runoff primary
primary in which the top two vote-getters in the 1st direct primary face one another
closed primary
a party nominating election in which only declared members can vote
open primary
party nominating election in which any qualified voter can take part
the device voters use to register a choice in elections
absentee voting
provisions made for those unable to get to their regular polling places on election day
political action committee (PAC)
political extension of special-interest groups which have a major state in public policy
process of candidate selection in an electoral system
coattail effect
the effect of a strong candidate running for an office at the top of a ballot helping to attract voters to other candidates on the party's ticket
smallest unit of election administration; voting district
nonpartisan election
election in which candidates aren't identified by party labels
grant of money, usually from a government
as a nominating devide, a group of like-minded people who meet to select the candidates they'll support in an upcoming election
general election
the regularly scheduled election at which voters make a final selection of office-holders
hard money
campaign money that is subject to regulation by FEC
soft money
money given to State and legal party organizations for voting-related activities
polling place
where voters who live in certain precinct go to vote