Sexual Triangle
the relationship that exists when two inmates become jealous and fight over another inmate.
Conjugal Visiting
Sometimes referred to as family visiting; private visiting opportunities between inmates and their spouses, where it is expected that they will engage in sexual relations.
Random Drug Testing
Randomly selecting a precentage of inmates to urine test to see whether they have used any drug recently; a good deterrent to and source of daya about prisoner drug use.
Elizabeth Fry
A Quaker who formed the ladies society for promoting the reformation of female prisoners in 1816 and tried to convince officials that female prisoners should be seperated from male prisoners and that female guards should be hired to supervise them.
Cottage-Style architecture
A style of prison design used for early women's prison, w/ several small housing units holding approximately 30 inmates, including kitchens, living rooms, and sometimes nurseries for inmates w/ children.