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What are presumptive changes?

Subjective changes - what she tells you

What are probable changes?

Objective changes that we can measure or see.

What are positive signs?

Fetal heart beat by doppler - 10-12 weeks - fetoscope 17-20 weeks, Fetal movement felt by examiner, ultrasound - as early as 10 days

What is Goodell's sign?

Softening of cervix

What is Chadwick's sign?

bluish/purple color of the cervix & vagina

What is McDonald's sign?

ease in flexing body of uterus against the cervix

When is the fundus palpable above the symphysis pubis?

At 10-12 weeks at umbilicus at 20 weeks.

What is ballotment?

When rebound is felt by examiner when cervix is pressed.

How is EDC calculated by Nagele's rule?

Last menstrual period minus 3 months + 7 days

What are Duvall's Stages?

Pregnancy Validation, Fetal embodiment, Fetal distinction & Role transition

What are the stages of acceptance?

1st trimester - pregnancy verification, 2nd trimester - development of new identity & role, 3rd trimester - focus on body image & delivery

What are some psychological findings that occur with the father?

Couvade (koovad) - experience pregnancy symptoms, proof of masculinity and become dominant (abusive), 1st tri - strive to accept pregnancy, 2nd tri - accepts reality when movement is felt

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