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  1. a current is created in electric cell
  2. static electricity
  3. circuit
  4. voltage
  5. dry cell
  1. a a closed path that electric currents will flow
  2. b a chemical reaction (acid+metal)
  3. c increases also
  4. d a battery that has paste-like electrolytes ex- AAA battery
  5. e a build up of an electric charge on an object

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  1. positive charge, negative charge, plastic insulator, Zinc metal cap, chemical paste electrolytes, carbon rod
  2. when an object causes it to repell or attract
  3. negative to positive
  4. the difference in electric potential difference between two different points
  5. energy made available by the flow of electric charge through a conductor

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  1. invention- resistancetoaster, light bulb


  2. currentthe flow of electrons through a wire or any conductor


  3. resistancewhen it's __________ it'll lose electrons


  4. series circuita circuit that has more than one path


  5. when current flows through circuitwhen it becomes neutral....


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